Specialty Loans

Do you have a unique financial situation? Rainbow Mortgage has options!

As a mortgage broker, Rainbow Mortgage Inc. has access to more products and services than the big banks, local banks, and credit unions.
Having access to such a wide array of lenders allows us the opportunity to provide options to you, the client, that the banks and credit unions cannot.

You may find yourself in need of a “specialty loan” if you have a loan scenario such as:

  • Self Employed-
    You are self-employed, you make good income, however, you write your net income down to zero or a significantly low number. We may be able to help you with the use of bank statements as income instead of your taxes.
  • No Employment-
    You don’t currently have a job, but you have a lot of money in the bank and investments. We may be able to help you with our assets for income program.
  • Past Credit Challenges-
    You had a bankruptcy a year ago because you lost your job. We may be able to help you with our one strike program.

Rainbow Mortgage Inc. has a philosophy that we have lived by since our inception date in 1999. We never say “NO” we just say “not now”. If you have a situation and have been turned down by the banks and the credit unions because you are less than perfect, we may have a solution for you!

Call us today so that we can discuss your unique situation and get you the home loan you need and want. Whether it be for a refinance or the purchase of a new home, we are here for YOU!

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