Loan Services by Rainbow Mortgage Inc.

Rainbow Mortgage Inc. is a mortgage broker helping YOU to get the best loan for your unique situation-FASTER and EASIER!

  1. We do the shopping- Whether you’re looking to buy or refinance, we do the shopping for you to find the best rates and terms for your unique situation.
  2. We offer more loan options-
    • As a mortgage broker, we work with multiple lenders which means more loan options for you. Rainbow Mortgage Inc. can help you purchase your first home, your dream home, an investment home, second home, or retirement home.
    • We offer a variety of low money down government programs like FHA, VA, USDA and our low down-payment conventional programs such as our 1% down program.
    • Rainbow Mortgage Inc. specializes in helping people with challenging loan scenarios. We help navigate the financial challenges of trying to get a mortgage when going through divorce. We offer specialty loan products for self-employed borrowers, borrowers with credit challenges, and borrowers needing a jumbo loan.
  3. We can get it done with less paperwork- Ask us about our doc-less program. We offer a faster, easier mortgage without the hassle of gathering financial documents.
  4. Faster Closings- On average our loans are clear to close in under 20 days. This allows you to get on with enjoying your home and your life.

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