Challenging Loan Scenarios

Home Loan Solutions for Challenging Financial Scenarios

There can be many things that cause your mortgage loan to be more challenging than a normal loan. For example, maybe you are getting a divorce and are wondering how you are going to be able to purchase a home or refinance the one that you have. You will be happy to know that Rainbow Mortgage Inc. has been helping clients navigate the complex nature of divorce and mortgages for over 14 years.

  • Maybe you are suffering from challenging credit because your company shut down a year ago, leaving you unemployed and forcing you to file for foreclosure or bankruptcy. Now that you are back on your feet with a new job, you can find support by being introduced to our one-strike program. This program offers clients that have had a one-time life event the opportunity to purchase a home.
  • Maybe you just started your first job out of college and you don’t think you have enough down-payment money to buy a home. You will happy to know that we have down-payment options as low as 1%. We also have 3% and 3.5% down-payments where the down payment can be 100% gifted from a family member to help you get into your new home!
  • Maybe you are self-employed and write your income down as low as you can (great for taxes, but bad for purchasing or refinancing a home mortgage). You will be introduced to our bank statement program that allows you to take the average deposits from your business checking account and divide that by a cost factor (to be determined) to use that number as your income.

No matter what your situation or challenge, give us a call for a no cost initial consultation. Our local mortgage brokers work with you to determine the best loan option for your needs. At Rainbow Mortgage Inc. we never say “NO” – just “not now”. If the time isn’t right, we’ll work with you to determine a game plan to get you into a new home or refinance the one you have.

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